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The Creation of Value

We have been, for the last thirty years, especially effective in revealing untapped value in our clients through an integrated and unique approach to brand building, and the creation of relationships—diverse and deep—with all identified stakeholders. In every respect, we affect an interdisciplinary process to business strategy, brand, product, and talent—all designed to identify more powerful points of leverage and market opportunities.

Our first question to a client is most often, “Where do you want to be in five years?”

Alongside the more conventional goals (“more business” or “greater market share”) we’ve received some answers from prospects that required deeper thought: “smarter,” “more flexible,” “more informed about our options,” “realistic about the way we’re seen by our customers,” “stronger exit potential,” and perhaps the answer we like the best: “we need greater perceived value.”

It’s called Integrated Marketing: and it is what we’ve been doing for thirty years for clients from Chipwich to Neiman Marcus.

Our clients do not come to us looking for small results.

They come to us with ideas they want to launch, and divisions they may want to close. They come to us when they want to enter a market, and when they’re looking for exit strategies. In some rare cases, clients come to us because they don’t know what they want.

We look at a client’s position from all angles: perceived, actual, possible; strategic, tactical, creative—and everything in between. Every point of impact between the brand and its targeted end user is identified and assessed, polished, positioned, or just plain fixed.

Unlike a consultancy, we don’t just point clients in the right direction—we actually create the materials and tools that move them to their goals.

The Team

Diane Meier

Diane Meier


Diane Meier’s work, on behalf of a roster of exclusive clients, has won her shop every prize the advertising and marketing industries can bestow for strategy, copywriting, graphics, and design. Meier has lectured at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, the University of Connecticut, and Babson College, where she was Executive in Residence for the Entrepreneurial MBA Program and mentor to the women MBAs. Meier has published both fiction and non-fiction work to high acclaim, and is married to broadcaster and author, Frank Delaney.

Ben Goodwin

Ben Goodwin

Strategy and Media

Ben Goodwin has managed and produced marketing and outreach programs across a wide variety of businesses, from Business Week to Columbia University. He has extensive publishing world experience, having worked with five of the six big publishers, numerous self-published authors, along with agents, editors, and New York Times-bestselling writers, both producing and promoting their work.

His has produced websites, podcasts, social accounts, and blogs, which have received millions of hits. He also designed and produced this site.

Neil P Dennehy

Neil P Dennehy

Investment and Asset Management

 As a principal in Investcorp, the international private equity firm, Neil was involved with direct institutional and portfolio investment and divestiture, as well as the intricacies of asset management for portfolio companies.  He has been Managing Director of the Capital Markets Group of Continental Bank, and a Vice President at Cushman & Wakefield. He has served on several boards in Strategic, Financial and Real Estate roles and has worked with us at MEIER for more than a decade.

Frank Delaney

Frank Delaney

Media and Executive Repute

Charged by the BBC to coach and tutor members of government and businesses in their relationships with the press, Frank Delaney has been central to some of the most salient moments of our time. New York Times bestseller, BBC war reporter, talk show host, cultural affairs broadcaster and news anchor, Booker Prize judge, and Director of the famed Edinburgh Literary Festival, Mr. Delaney’s career has spanned forty years in both authorship and broadcasting.

Geoff Howell

Geoff Howell

Installation Design & Fabrication

Geoff joins our team as one of the few top installation designers with his own fabrication studio. He has created window displays, trade show and showroom environments, retail, corporate and hospitality settings for some of the most discriminating clients in the world; among them: Bergdorf Goodman, Hugo Boss, Saks Fifth Avenue, Veuve Cliquot, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue,  Johnny Walker, Rizzoli, Ralph Lauren, Elizabeth Arden, HBO, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Burberry, Bulgari, Walt Disney Co, The Whitney Museum of Art – and, of course, MEIER.

Kevin Hart

Technology Advisor

The synergy of business technologies has been Kevin Hart’s specialty for more than thirty years. As an active CEO, his mastery of changes in equipment, process, and use has allowed him to lead companies through developmental transformations and toward healthy growth. But he has never lost his interest in the difficult (or seemingly impossible) challenge of asking technology to work in new or more effective ways.

Kevin’s innovation in developing iPad technology that allowed secure transactions to be accomplished by consumers on shared devices revolutionized the hospitality industry.  His ability to construct mobile programming for workforce deployment included the addition of personal data, translation systems, and responsive diagnostic tools; reducing redundancies and lost revenue.  In both cases, Kevin’s solutions were not only the first in their fields, the goals had been assumed unattainable.


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