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Reposition. Reengineer. Reinvent.

MEIER & Co is a consulting firm specializing in the establishment of brand value. We develop and implement programs for turn-arounds, launches and exit options. Our insights are based in our long and celebrated experience of strategic positioning, branding and marketing, but our solutions encompass a broad range of services, from operations to asset management, as they serve the positioning plan.

Unlike consultancies that develop theories and plans, we are able to actively create and execute the practices and materials necessary for dramatic change. Much of our work has won major national and international awards for creativity and effectiveness, but our real prize is the success of our clients who have, under our guidance, met goals and benchmarks previously unrealized, and achieved significantly greater value and success.



We focus on four key areas:


The lifeblood of businesses. We advise owners, managers and portfolio managers, in Growth, Mid-cap, and Fortune 1000 companies, to better evaluate their environment, competition and business viability. We translate that vision and strategy into tangible action plans and implement those plans in fully executed and developed campaigns.


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As we determine the issues and stages that might be optimized in helping a client to reach their goals, the back-of-house skills, typically seen as separate from those of brand-building, may be identified as more important than one might have imagined. And, more often than not, we can help here too. We recognize that the strategies of positioning are rarely limited to Marketing and Outreach. From direction to management, distribution to staffing, our team is capable of broad guidance and supervision.


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Not only have some of our clients been among the most visible media names of our time (The New Yorker, Esquire Magazine, House Beautiful —just to name a few), but we have created and placed campaigns for clients that set us among the savviest media buyers in the industry. We have created extraordinary and memorable media-packages that have showcased our clients through print magazine issues and digital pages, in outdoor and event marketing across towns, channels and markets. We are always in control of the environment.

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MEIER offers a broad range of professional development services including Executive Coaching, Training, and Development; Organizational Strategy and Structure; and the development and positioning of a corporate brand designed to attract and hold a targeted and valued staff.


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What have we done?

Below you'll find just a few of our client stories.