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A Grand View of Luxury

If our process is most often founded on analysis and insight, our work for Guerlain is no exception.  Our review of their existing spas and the perception of their brand through those facilities suggested the closing of most, and the re-establishment of a grand view of Guerlain luxury—with new partnerships and a much-needed facelift.

We extended their reach from the flagship spa on the Champs-Élysées to those in the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotels in NY and Versailles…

Our interpretation of the brand extended their reach from the flagship spa on the Champs-Élysées to those in the famed Waldorf Astorias of New York and Versailles, and made use of all of our skills—from Feasibility to Concept and Execution.  We guided our clients and their contractors through the entire process, always in the expression of Guerlain’s brand voice, but with a sharp eye to efficiency and function.

We’ve managed branded extensions to luxury spas for LVMH brands (Acqua di Parma, for example) and in local installations all over the globe—most of which have won top honors and significant and laudatory press.

Brand extensions, strategic partnerships, new markets, expanded services, infusions of capital – and more – are all part of our skill set as we guide our clients to make informed choices in building on the hard-won reputations of their brands and businesses.

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