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We created and packaged a brand that sold for $1B


In their reorganization, Borden, the dairy and glue company, had tried to divest themselves of their wall covering division—about a dozen wallpaper companies throughout the States, Canada, and the UK.  By the time they brought us in, their backs were near the wall. We were given a set budget and an outside time limit of four years.  If we could not make the division attractive enough for sale—within those parameters—the factories would be shuttered, and the division closed.

In about twenty-four months we had designed and re-packaged the brand

From its name and logo to a striated sales approach across every platform: from professional designers, to paint and decorating stores, to hardware stores and the big-box Home Depots, we identified and corrected systemic consumer-facing industry mistakes, created powerful retail programs and designed displays that shipped and sold in the same kiosk-cartons. We developed a 24/7 Installation-Hotline, and produced an award-winning ad campaign that showed homeowners how to meet decorating challenges with smart thinking, elbow grease and wallpaper!  Our parallel public relations campaign had Sunworthy mentioned, featured, profiled, or highlighted in nearly every issue of every decorating magazine on the newsstands for months.

From a group of disparate factories, we created the largest and most profitable wall-covering brand in the world. And it sold nearly two years ahead of our deadline.

It is rare that we can put a value on our work. But this time we could:


Just under a billion dollars.

What have we done?

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