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Media Takes on New Meaning

Not only have some of our clients been among the most visible media names of our time (The New Yorker, Esquire Magazine—just to name two), but we have created and placed campaigns that set us among the savviest media buyers in the industry, creating extraordinary and unusual media-buys that showcase our clients through magazine issues, across spreads and digital pages, across towns and channels and markets, always in control of their environments.

Executive Repute

The expertise and talent Frank Delaney brings to MEIER—from his broadcast years at the BBC, counseling members of Parliament and business, managing crisis control, and teaching presentation skills—allow us to offer media-management as hands-on control, monitoring, or training, and expands the idea of our Media-proficiency even further.

We have always seen the lines between all forms of Outreach as blurred—if not invisible…

We launched a fashion show that was specifically designed to make headlines, and watched it land on the front page of The New York Times.

We have linked subway cars to taxicabs with traveling ads, and created a Manhattan sports quiz on bus stop shelters that made the news. We make smart media partners when it is advantageous to do so, and create opportunities for mutual benefit.

These days, Media at MEIER has expanded from traditional media to include smart and focused digital campaigns, social media, YouTube, and content creation. From commercials to conferences, storefronts to shopping bags, book covers to trade show booths, rapid transit to radio ads, we have always seen the lines between all forms of Outreach as blurred—if not invisible—and contact with the Press has been managed under our client strategies for decades. But now, with the speed of the Internet working for—and against—us, the idea of “controlling the narrative” is an imperative we take very seriously.

Some of our services include:

Media and Marketing

  • Build brand identity systems
  • Create promotional outreach, advertising campaigns and collateral materials
  • Design, build and write effective websites
  • Manage PR campaigns, promotions and events
  • Launch and coordinate innovative social media programs
  • Create or lead the creation of Content
  • Determine and Negotiate Media
  • Design packaging
  • Produce video and film projects
  • Write books, copy, whitepapers, and case histories
  • Direct Retail, Showroom, Headquarters design
  • Visual Merchandising, display and window design

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