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Q. How does New York City’s oldest Apple dealer stand out in the shadow of a world renowned brand?

A. They sing their own song.

Tekserve, the Chelsea-based Apple retailer and business solution provider, has been answering the technical needs of New York’s creative community for more than twenty-five years. Today, they face a landscape where all things Mac are now available at a store called, well… Apple. Daunting.


Our first task in helping to make Apple’s first NYC retailer independent; staking a claim that the iconoclastic consumer Apple had once counted on was not served by a monolithic corporate giant where everyone wore the same tee shirt. We needed to let Tekserve’s freak flag fly. And no one better than their employees to do just that. From top to bottom, a more idiosyncratic group of individuals we’d never met. Marvelous portraits, by Squire Fox, of a crew full of skill, talent, attitude and enthusiasm fueled this campaign.

We needed to let Tekserve’s freak flag fly.

Full Service

From the banners to the signage, from the window displays to the in-store merchandising, from the website to the trade-show booths, from the Christmas cards to the merchandise mix—we see Tekserve’s fully integrated marketing. Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business. It’s all one Tekserve. If it’s brand positioning—and holistic marketing—it’s up our alley.

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