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The spectacular Balmain show yesterday, with its use of unexpected earthy color (orange, chocolate brown beige, teal) in an intoxicating mix of strength and delicacy, was hugely impressive.  But it also reminded me of my first Balmain appearance in Paris. I was sent to France for what promised to be a trip of flat-out glamour, including a place backstage with my brand new clients, as the art of couture presentation unfolded all around me.  Only problem – the plane landed in Paris just hours before the show and my suitcase flew on to Rome. I had nothing but the sweater and jeans I’d worn all night on the plane. There I am, i memory, standing backstage in jeans and a pony tail, embodying the gauche idea of American business I feared my French clients imagined.  Somehow, it all worked out and I lived to tell the tale. A lot of important things were learned on that account, but one of the first was to always carry an outfit on board a flight. Still, a Balmain fashion show never misses bringing a blush of  memory. 

Here’s a look at yesterday’s Spring 2016 show.

As a note, the palette is nearly the same as one we created for a B2B client nearly a year ago.  Color is something in the air, isn’t it?